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LED Lighting

The recent development in LEDs have shown new generations of high-intensity diode, meaning lighting designers can no longer use simple collimators. They use reflectors to reflect the maximum intensity.

In this perspective, Surcotec has designed a range of highly reflective coatings (> 94%) called Lumencoat that can be applied to various substrates such as glass, plastic, metal, ...

To withstand the conditions of use of this equipment, these coatings were tested to provide a premium product:

- Tape cutter adhesion test (ASTM D3359-)
- Abrasion test (MIL-C-675)
- Reflectivity test using integrated sphere
- Moisture test
- Corrosion test (ISO-4538)

This coating process is fully industrialised (annual capacity of more than 3M parts in 50mm diameter for example) and has been validated by a global leader in this field.