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Surcotec was founded in 1995 by two scientists (François Gremion and Pierre Matthey) from the Battelle Institute after the closing of this famous american industrial Research Institute.

They decided to create their own company and started their industrial adventure. Ten years later Surcotec become a key player in its field with highly demanded skills. It is now a recognized, competent laboratory and production plant. Be it timepieces, medical devices, space parts or LED reflectors Surcotec is deeply involved in technical domains where aesthetic and functional surface properties are important.

To ensure the company’s future and also to be involved in the growing market of plastic optical parts, a new shareholder join the company in 2006 which strengthened the relationship with Gaggione, a company specialised in optical injected parts.

In 2010 Surcotec received the ISO 9001:2008 certification; since 2011 new in-house developed and assembled industrial machines for over 1M parts; in the 2013-2014 period we succeed in receiving the ISO 17025 lab accreditation for our SEM and PLM asbestos analysis and in 2015, we finished to install our 4 SEM-EDX and 3 PLM equipments in a dedicated area.