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Nanofrein Threadlock

Watchcase mounting screws (on the back or for the strap) pose recurring problems of cleanliness and screwing strength force when non-adapted glues or standard thread lock are deposited randomly on screws. These products, which are difficult to use, require regular additional cleaning or polishing operations of assembled parts. In the worst case, it’s impossible to change/shorten a strap instore due to broken screws.

Thanks to our materials and chemical competences, Surcotec developed 8 years ago, a new generation of high-level thread lock for ready-to-use screws:

This coating, called Nanofrein has the following advantages:

  • High resistance to various mechanical, vibrational and chemical effects (cleaning, rhodium-plating) during the different stages of a watch production line.
  • Cleaned and processed screws ready-to-use.
  • Increase and optimization of the unscrewing forces.
  • Introduction of a residual torque (absent from standard glues) above 10 mNm.
  • Possibility, in some cases, to multiple use of the treated screws, thus facilitating the After-Sale service.
  • Possibility to use the processed screws on a production line (partial removal of the working screws).

This treatment is available in several variants to suit the specifications (stainless steel M1.4, Gold S1.0, ...)

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