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Whether in the medical field, watch industry or micromechanics, micro-systems are subject to increasing constraints where each performance gain is limited. Based on the proven effectiveness of fluoride products for lubrication applications, Surcotec has therefore developed two innovative lubricant products for these markets:

1. Nanolub, a lubricating solution which has the following advantages:

  • Excellent coverage power due to its very low surface tension (<10 dyn) which allows it to be deposited in every corner of a part.
  • High chemical and thermal stability.
  • After evaporation, the active solution is uniformly spread on the surface.

This Nanolub lubricant solution is already used by many customers for the following purposes :

- Free-making of assembled parts (moving system which are blocked)
- O’Ring that are subject to high requirements (rotation under high pressure)
- Micro-system that requires an easy removal

2. Tribolac, a dry lubricant which has the following advantages:

  • decrease of the friction coefficient
  • insolubility in water
  • resists usual washing

This product is for example used to free component or pins in a number of industrial systems.