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For over 10 years, Surcotec has been manufacturing PVD or CVD equipments, which were each time developped and designed in-house by our team of scientists and technicians.

Examples of industrial scale machines we have made include:

  • Three 2500x1200mm coating machines in a horizontal mode dedicated to the reflective coating of millions of parts with a treatment called Lumencoat (validated by a multinational company).
  • Four 2500x1200mm coating machines in a vertical mode for printing application.
  • 550mm diameter coating machine with three magnetrons in order to offer various deposits (thick Chrome, Gold, Metallic glass, Black 2D).
  • 250mm diameter coating machine with three magnetrons to achieve coating of biocompatible titanium-based on stents.
  • Several equipment of 350mm diameter with four magnetrons for watch applications.

The turn-key equipment installed at our customers are delivered ready-to-use with the full process, the appropriate training and a maintenance contract.

  • CC coating range
  • Clean Room Equipment Design
  • Thin-films equipment details
  • Thin-films equipment details
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