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Surcolak Lacquer

During polishing or finishing of delicate parts (polished areas or manipulation of sensitive alloys ), a protective lacquer is regularly used in order not to damage finished areas. However it is essential to remove this material in a simple and cost-effective way with the certainty that this removal will not damage the long work just completed.

To respect these specifications, Surcotec developed 15 years ago a family of lacquers, called Surcolak, which can be used for the following applications:

  • Protection of polished or parts sensitive to mechanical operations or chemical degradation.
  • Holding/gluing of small parts for machining operation

These lacquers can be easily removed as they are water or alcohol soluble, that is to say, they can be simply eliminated during a cleaning process.

They are available in different formulations in order to adjust the hardness of the film and the drying time.

Note: If the film is not strong enough for the intended use, steaming of the product is recommended (50 ° for 15-30 minutes just before the operations for a well-hydrated layer. Maximum temperature of 60 °).

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