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Well experienced in this market, Surcotec offers advanced vaccum coatings within a controlled (clean-room ISO7) and certified (ISO 9001:2008 quality system) environment to medtech companies.

Some non-exhaustive examples:

1 . TiN : carried out at low temperature and qualified for use on external fixators, TiN metallization provides several interesting features:

  • A warm and pleasant color for identification purposes.
  • A sufficient hardness for the protection of sensitive instruments.

2 . TiNOx : performed on metallic or polymeric surfaces :

- * Reduction of intrastents restenosis on stainless steel stents.
- * Decrease of platelet adhesion within PTFE implants.

3 . Gold 99.99% : the pure thin gold coating provides several interesting features:

- * A conductive surface for signal transmission purposes (eg ophthalmology).
- * A conductive surface on nonconductive substrate for galvanic growth purposes.

4 . Black coating: black metallization allows two types of functionality :

- * Component identification for color-coding system.
- * Better devices view through the skin (black is easier to identify than gray through the skin ) .

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